Sweden's richest man and Ikea billionaire Ingvar Kamprad is offering approximately £9,000 ($15,000), in the form of deposits at his Ikano Bank , to the winner of a computer game that punishes players who waste cash on luxury items.

Flappy Saver, a spin-off of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird, stores players' savings in a flying piggy bank where highest scores are achieved by players best able to navigate away from jewellery and shoe stores, said a report in Bloomberg.

"We want to get new customers to discover Ikano and do something for small savers, in whom most major banks aren't that interested," said Emma Roslund Johansson, sales manager at Ikano's Swedish operations.

The 'Flappy Saver' competition ran from 27 June to 18 July and was played 1.52 million times, according to the bank.