Passengers onboard the Number 29 bus from Luton town centre to St Margaret's Avenue were left stunned by a man's attack on an infant in a pushchair. The grouchy passenger, perturbed by the infant's cries, decided to lash out on her. He hit the child on the back of her head and then shouted at her. Police have been looking for the offender since last month. Closed-circuit television images of the suspect have been released in the hopes of identifying the man.

On Tuesday, February 4, the unidentified man was seen on board the Number 29 bus at around 2:50 pm. It is unclear which stop he got up from and at which point he got off the bus. According to the Bedfordshire Police, the bully was agitated by the crying child on the bus.

The 19-month-old baby girl was in a pushchair next to her mother. During the journey, the suspect approached the child and assaulted her. He shouted at the infant and struck her across the back of her head. Police have not released a statement regarding the condition of the victim since the attack.

Police officer Carolyn Hoare is determined to find the assailant. Hoare stated that such a shocking attack on a baby in broad daylight cannot be tolerated. According to The Mirror, Hoare implored any witness or individual with any information about the suspect to come forward and talk to the police. Once the suspect is identified, the police can proceed with charging him for his offence.

Police have not been able to track down the man in over a month since the attack. They are now relying on information from the public to aid the investigation. In the CCTV images released by the police, the assailant can be seen boarding the bus.

On the day of the attack, the man was wearing grey trousers and a dark red hoodie. He had a big black pair of headphones on. The man was also seen carrying a rucksack on his back. The white man has short hair which is light brown in colour.

Any individual with any information can contact the 101 number or visit the Bedfordshire Police website. To remain anonymous, one can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Crime reference 40/7509/20 must be quoted by the caller.

Man-hunt is on for unidentified bus passenger who hit and shouted at infant for crying. Flickr