A member of the London assembly for the Conservative party has apologised for getting involved in a confrontation on a commuter train after a video on social media showed him arguing with a woman he said had put her feet on a seat.

Adding to the bizarre row, the man involved was named as Keith Prince, reportedly the chairman of the London Assembly's transport committee. Prince was quote in a number of outlets as apologising for the row.

"I regret getting involved in such a petty dispute. This is one of those situations in which it is better to simply walk away," he said, adding that things calmed down after the argument and the two ended the journey joking with one another.

The original video was posted to the Facebook group Dartford Rail Travellers Association but has now been removed.

Though the confrontation allegedly started over the woman having her feet on a seat, the conversation between the two quickly became heated and personal. At one point, the woman tells Prince he's not married because he's an "idiot" to which Prince shows his wedding ring.

When Prince tells her that his wife is Nigerian, the woman says: "So she's Nigerian? She's my people? She's using your money. Trust me she doesn't love you." She threatens to slap him a number of times.

The woman then appears to put her foot on Prince's chair to which he laughs. "You're laughing because you can't do s**t," she says. "My foot is literally by your balls," she says, "I'm literally grabbing you by your balls." Prince appears to grab her leg, he then says "no, you're not" a number of times.

She then takes her phone out and calls Prince a "white idiot" to which he replies "oh, racist as well."

The woman involved reportedly approached The Sun Online to also apologise for her part in the incident. "It was a bad day for me, I was late for work and he had put his feet on my work clothes... At the end of the day, we felt it went overboard."