Brian Roberto Varela is charged with manslaughter, homicide and second-degree rape of Alyssa Mae Noceda - Representational Image Mario Tama/Getty Images

In a gruesome incident reported in Washington State, a 19-year-old boy allegedly raped a teenage girl and then sent her semi-naked photos to his friends, saying "I'm smashing her to pass the time".

On Tuesday (6 February) Brian Roberto Varela of Lynwood was taken into custody and a day later was produced in court where he was charged with manslaughter, homicide and second-degree rape of Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, who reportedly died of an opioid overdose.

According to court documents, Noceda who had recently split with her boyfriend, met Varela at a party hosted by him at his mobile home in Lynwood. The Mariner High School student reportedly snorted a long line of prescription painkiller Percocet and passed out, the Daily Mail reported.

Varela did nothing to help the girl and instead raped her and took lewd photos of her after she collapsed. He later told his friends that he did not know "if she was alive when he ejaculated into her" and joked that Noceda "died having sex with me".

Later at night, he also allegedly sent a group text to his friends with photos that showed an unconscious woman with a message saying, "LOL I think she od'd, still breathing."

According to the news outlet, Varela did consider taking her to the emergency room, but told a friend that he was "too tired to do so" and went off to sleep. The next day Varela saw Noceda was dead and allegedly showed her body to his roommate but, left her in his bedroom, locked the door and went to work. He did a double shift at Dairy Queen and boasted about the incident to his co-workers, one of whom reported the matter to police after reading the victim's mother's Facebook post on her missing daughter.

According to his co-workers, Varela described how he had sex with Noceda and then broke her legs and stuffed her body in a plastic bin. He also said that he planned to bury the body with onions.

Police recovered Noceda's body in a black bin.

After he was taken into custody, Varela admitted to the police that he had sex with her but also claimed that it was consensual even though she was "out of it". He also said that after the teen had died, he attempted to wash his DNA from her body and was too scared to call the authorities.

According to reports, Varela also said that after he read Noceda's mother's post on Facebook, he used Alyssa's thumb to unlock her phone so he could update her Snapchat and make it seem like she had run away from home.

He then dumped the phone at a construction site and researched on how to get rid of a body.

The first court hearing took place on Wednesday (7 February) and the judge set the bail at $500,000 (£361535).