Fans of The Big Bang Theory are no stranger to lead actress Kaley Cuoco's super happening life off-camera, meaning her adorable romance with Karl Cook. In fact, all her romantic pictures would find someone or the other begging the sitcom star to get into a white gown and walk down the aisle.

But, is the marriage on the cards for the love-struck pair? It seems like Cuoco is very much in agreement with fans as she recently hinted at a future with her equestrian boyfriend.

When asked about her old friend Amy Davidson's comments that Cook might be "the one" for Cuoco, the 31-year-old CBS star cooed with delight. "Aw! I'm open to anything," she said possibly hinting on a wedding in the future.

Cuoco and her 26-year-old professional equestrian partner have been dating for over a year after the actress called it quits with her former husband and tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2015. Her marriage lasted for only 21 months with the divorce settlement coming through last May.

About her future with Cook, the actress told People magazine, "I don't know what the path is going to take. But I'm very happy right now."

Just like most happy couples, Cuoco and Cook bonded over their mutual choices, and in their case, it was the love of animals. "He's got a big bulldog and many horses and luckily, I found a guy who likes dogs as much as me.That's on my number one list — 'Must love dogs!'" the comedy star gushed.

Apart from their furry pets, the couple is also fond of horses as reflected in their numerous Instagram posts. "We ride together and we both have a significant amount of horses in separate ranches," Cuoco explained.

She continued, "So we keep that separate, but we've done horse shows together and we travel together and that has definitely been a big part of our relationship."

Her romance-filled personal life aside, the actress of late has been busy with her hit show, which is set to premiere season 11 on 25 September. Teasing a bit on what's in store for TBBT fans, Cuoco said, "I know we [left off] on a big cliffhanger last year, so I believe the fans will be thrilled."

"We've shot three [episodes] so far and they have been laugh-out-loud funny, so I think everyone is going to be very happy," she added.

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