London Harrods viral photo
A driver who parked a £40,000 Range Rover outside Harrods returned to a nasty surprise REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Images of a top-of-the-range £90,000 Range Rover parked outside London's Harrods department store covered in graffiti apparently sprayed by a scorned lover have gone viral. Across the white paintwork of the 4X4, someone scrawled in huge letters a number of messages including "Hope she was worth it!", "cheater" and "it's over."

Passers-by soon gathered either to take photographs which were uploaded to Twitter and other social platforms, or simply to indulge in a spot of schadenfreude. Eyewitness Steve Holford told London 24: "There was a large crowd gathering - everyone was taking photos and messaging their friends. It seemed to brighten people's day and a bit of street justice was seen to be done."

Most of the messages on Twitter were far from supportive of the Range Rover owner. One Tweeted: "Salute the woman who spray painted that car outside Harrods. This is what happens when you cheat! We need more females like her!"

To complete a miserable day for the alleged love rat, he also came back to a £130 parking ticket for parking in a restricted zone at 2.30 on Wednesday afternoon (4 May). The traffic warden responsible told The Sun: "It's been here for the past two hours. I can't tell whose car it is but it is parked on double yellow lines. That's why it's got a ticket."

When the driver returned, he reportedly gave bystanders a two-fingered salute before jumping in and driving away. Hopefully without being done for speeding.

However not everyone was convinced the episode was all it seemed. A doorman told the Standard: "A young bloke got out the car, went for a cup of tea and then left again. I think it was a hoax to be honest. Everybody has been talking about it and there were lots of people crowding around and taking photographs of it."