A monkey in India has adopted a stray puppy and stolen hearts all over the world. A Facebook post of the adorable two went viral this month after it was posted by The Logical Indian page.

In the pictures, the rhesus macaque holds on tight to the puppy, carrying him around even as he jumps between trees. The primate is also seen feeding the pup before taking a bite himself and fighting off other stray dogs to protect it.

The pictures which were reportedly from either New Dehli or Erode in Tamil Nadu, have been shared tens of thousands of times on social media. The post along with the pictures told people that they should "learn from this monkey."

"Here is something to learn from this monkey. There was a strange phenomenon seen on common busy street. A monkey adopted a pup out of sheer compassion. And he protects the pup from other stray dogs. Seeing this amazing inter-species relationship and love from this guardian Monkey they were given food and there also the Monkey makes sure the pup is stomach full before eating himself. This is amazing example shown by the nature and there is lot to learn from this. Let us all be moved by love and compassion."