Arshad Zubair force fed Shiv Sena MPs
Arshad Zubair was allegedly force fed by some members of Hindu party Shiv Sena. Youtube

A Muslim worker has allegedly been forced by MPs from the Hindu party Shiv Sena to break his fast during Ramadan in New Delhi.

At least 11 MPs - apparently angry as they had not been served Maharashtrian food - forced catering supervisor Arshad Zubair to eat a chapatti, the Times of India reported.

The incident took place during a function at the Maharashtra Sadan centre.

Shortly after, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the subsidiary catering firm providing food for Maharashtra Sadan, suspended its service in protest against the incident.

The catering company wrote an email to the Maharashtra Resident Commissioner saying that Zubair had been "deeply pained and hurt... as religious sentiments are attached".

IRCTC added that the parliamentarians were "complaining about the services of electrical, civil, housekeeping, catering, etc. which they are facing from the last several months in the premises of Maharashtra Sadan.

"The entire delegation along with the electronic media and manager, Maharashtra Sadan, walked inside the public dining hall and started throwing chafing dish covers in the buffet area. They also issued physical threats to the kitchen and service staff while using highly objectionable language."

Shiv Sena denied force-feeding Zubair, saying that the allegations "are totally baseless. It's absolutely wrong. People who are giving it a religious angle should be taught a lesson."

Party member Shrikant Shinde, who was present at the function, said: "We didn't force anyone to break his roza [fast]. These are false allegations. We were protesting against poor service and bad food, that's all."

MP Arvind Sawant said: " Whoever gave the news has given false information. I request that religious sentiments not be played with and that strict action be taken against whoever did this. If it happened earlier, why is he complaining only now? All these are lies."

The Maharashtra Sadan apologised to the employee despite Shiv Sena denying the incident took place.