India toxic alcohol deaths
India: Mumbai toxic alcohol death toll crosses 90 Arko Datta/Reuters file photo

The death toll following the consumption of toxic liquor in India's western city of Mumbai has reached 90.

The victims, mostly labourers, died after consuming locally-made spurious alcohol. More than 40 others are still in hospital in serious condition increasing the likelihood of a higher death toll.

"More than 150 have consumed this alcohol. The death toll may rise," said Mumbai police spokesperson Dhananjay Kulkarni. The victims initially complained of severe abdominal pain before collapsing.

"Ninety people have now died. More than 40 are being treated in hospital and the death toll may reach 100," added Kulkarni.

Eight police officers were suspended for negligence while five people have been arrested for manufacturing and selling bootleg liquor.

Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra of which Mumbai is the capital, has ordered an immediate probe into the incident. Problems over bootleg alcohol are common across India as locally made versions, much cheaper than regular alcohol, is the obvious choice of poor labourers. Mass deaths have been reported earlier as well.