Indu Harikumar
Indu Harikumar is transforming body image stories into works of art Facebook/Indu Harikumar

A Mumbai-based artist has started a project to transform stories about body image into works of art.

Indu Harikumar launched the Body of Stories project in January. So far, she has transformed 26 entries from men and women into drawings.

"Body of stories is a crowdsourced art project to explore and celebrate the many, varied ways of experiencing the human body," Harikumar wrote in a Facebook post.

"This project is trying to capture how we are constantly told to dress, act, talk, and exist in a certain way and also at stories of individuals who have in their own ways made their own rules.

"I am looking for your stories about trying to fit in, about skin colour, about fat stigma, the discrimination based on the body you are in, how you have come to terms with your body, if you have or what are your struggles with it and about breaking the gender codes we have been handed down."

Harikumar has asked for people to send in stories about slut shaming, sexual agency, cultural stigma, sexuality, racism, dating, abortion, period stigma, abuse, disability and other issues.

The artist is previously known for doing the 100 Indian Tinder Tales project, in which she transformed Tinder experiences into art.