A 40-year-old man in India was arrested for allegedly raping his own mother. The arrest came after the victim shared her horrible ordeal with her daughter, who then lodged a complaint with the local police leading to the arrest.

The incident reportedly took place in a small town, Bemetara, in Chhattisgarh state. The 70-year-old woman is still in a state of shock and has termed her son a "sexual pervert".

Local police told the Times of India that prima facie the accused appears to be mentally stable and healthy. Jyoti Singh, Bemetara additional superintendent of police, told the paper that the man used to often abuse his mother under the influence of liquor, but on 14 April, he allegedly raped her. The victim said in her complaint that she did not speak about the incident when it happened for the first time, but when her son tried to repeat the heinous act, she narrated her ordeal to her daughter who reported the matter to the police.

"He did wrong with me. I told him you are my son, I gave birth to you. Don't do this to me. But he didn't hear a word. He will pay for this. God will not spare him," the victim was quoted as saying by the paper. In the complaint, the woman reportedly said that her son tried to forcibly enter the bathroom and chased her down in an attempt to sexually molest her. About a week before his arrest, the man reportedly pressured his mother to get physical the second time. That is when the woman sought her daughter's help to protect herself from her son's evil intentions.

"It's a heinous act. How can a man become so savage and go for such a brutal act. He has been booked under section 375-376 of [the Indian Penal Code]," Singh told the paper.

Police did not disclose the identity of the accused to protect the victim's identity.