Grave robber stole human skull and bones (wiki commons)

A man in Indonesia has been arrested after stealing human remains in order to become the "Ultimate Magical Knight".

Resi Rokhis Suhana said he wanted to use the remains to conduct a black magic spell that would give him the power of flight and invisibility.

Police said Suhana was apprehended in the south of the main island of Java after they received several reports of grave robbing.

Locals said bones had been stolen from graves, including that of twin babies and the skull of a 24-year-old woman.

He was found in a banana plantation in Cilacap in possession of the bones, women's underwear, a bottle of perfume, a book containing Koranic verses, a white sheet and a rope often used to fasten the sheet to a newly deceased body during Islamic burial rituals.

Police chief Andry Triaspoetra told AFP: "In preliminary questioning, he admitted robbing the graves to perfect a magical power called 'Ultimate Magical Knight'.

Speaking to news portal, he added: "We arrested him at 7:30 am this morning, and then asked the perpetrator to show us where he had hidden the bones. The perpetrator is still being questioned."

Suhana has been admitted to hospital to evaluate his mental health.

While black magic in Indonesia is rare, some people still believe in the practice. In 2003, a man was arrested for eating the remains of an elderly lady because he believed it would make him invincible.

Earlier this year, the government in Indonesia proposed a law making black magic illegal.

The proposal planned to make it illegal for anyone to declare they possessed "mysterious powers" or to "encourage others to believe that by their actions they can cause mental or physical suffering of another person".