Amateur video footage has been released that shows the fiery aftermath of a plane crash in Indonesia that killed over 140 people, according to reports.

A military transport plane carrying 122 passengers crashed into a residential compound soon after taking off at an air force base in Medan, one of the country's largest cities.

The clip shows a raging inferno scattered with burnt wreckage and debris where the blackened military plane crashed. The scene attracted numerous bystanders, with many seen whipping out their mobile phones to record the event.

TVOne, a local news channel, reports that 141 body bags had been brought to a hospital near the crash site, all but two of which contained complete bodies.

Indonesian authorities have said the pilots of the crashed military plane had requested permission to land just two minutes after take-off.

Air force spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Sutrisno said the pilots did not have enough time to explain why they wanted to turn back.

After the crash, forensic teams attended the scene to collect blood samples of the victims in order to identify the bodies.

The crash of the transport plane, manufactured in 1964, has turned the spotlight on Indonesia's ageing air fleet, which has a poor safety record. According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been 10 fatal crashes involving Indonesian military or police aircraft over the past decade.