Curved bananas
More than 37m rupiah (£2,184) has been raised for an Indonesian banana-seller after he was robbed of over 1m rupiah - Representational image Getty

More than 37m rupiah (£2,184) has been raised for a 94-year-old banana-seller in Indonesia after he was robbed of over 1m rupiah.

Suratman was robbed in the province of Jambi on Sumatra Island when a driver approached him and asked him to enter a vehicle to sell his fruits. However, when he entered the vehicle, two men inside forced him to empty his pockets, kicked him out and drove away, the BBC reported.

Suratman was found in tears by a man named Tommy Reza, who posted a video of the distressed old man online. Suratman had revealed that he was planning to buy new furniture in celebration of Eid-ul-Adha with the money that was stolen from him, Reza said in the video.

Since then, the video has garnered a lot of attention and several people have reached out to help Suratman.

"I just happened to be in the area when I saw a man shouting for help," Reza told the BBC. When he saw people interested in helping the old man he decided to start a fundraising page to get Suratman his money back, he added.

"Many people from Jambi and even overseas from places like Hong Kong and Malaysia got in touch to ask me where they could donate money," he said.

Some people have also shown their anger and disgust over the incident.

"This is disgusting on so many levels. First, it says a lot about you if you pick on an old man who is just trying to earn a living. And to think anyone would have the heart to carry out such an ugly deed during fasting month. Shame on them all," Calista Primalia, a Facebook user, said.

Another social media user, Angie Kuron, who watched Reza's video said, "I cried because of the unfairness of it.

"Is this what our country has been reduced to? I hope that the authorities will catch these crooks soon."

The money raised has been given to Suratman and pictures of the delivery have been shared online by Reza.

"He was very grateful and he was praying. I told him that I was only the messenger," Reza wrote.

"Indonesians are amazing. I'm touched by their compassion towards one another."

A donation of 5m rupiah was also made by the governor of the region, who also bought Suratman's remaining stock of bananas.