The list says teachers in Iran must have at least 20 teeth Reuters

Iran's education department has published a bizarre list of conditions, illnesses and physical features that men and women are not to have if they want to be teach in the country's schools, according to reports.

The list, published by the Fars News agency, states that teachers are not allowed to be cross-eyed, have less than 20 teeth or any visible scars, facial moles, acne or burn marks.

The list also says women with facial hair and any anyone who is colour blind are also prevented from becoming teachers.

As well as physical checklist, the list also says teachers must not have bladder stones, a fungal infection or be infertile, according to Euronews.

Fars urged the department to "be more realist" in its criteria, pointing out that the medical tests are more difficult than the actual training to be a teacher.

One social media user in Iran pointed out that Professor Stephen Hawking would be prevented from teaching in Iran if the same rules applied to him.

After the list went viral, a spokesperson for the education department told the Tehran-based Etemad newspaper that "measures specifically targeting women would be removed and the rest of the list reviewed".