Alysa Milano took to social media to give fans hope while they wait for Netflix to announce a renewal or cancellation for "Insatiable." Likewise, creator Lauren Gussis hints at Patty's fate in Season 3 after that plot twist in Season 2.

Milano, who stars as Coralee Armstrong, took to her Instagram to share a photo with her co-stars Dallas Roberts (Bob Armstrong) and Christopher Gorham (Bob Barnard). The picture is from one of the scenes in Season 2 when Coralee and both Bobs try to decide if they should become a "thruple" instead of just a couple.

However, it is not the photo that caught fans' interest the most but the caption Milano wrote. In it, the actress may have hinted at a possible renewal for "Insatiable" Season 3.

" #repost @chrisgorham | ORIGINAL POST | #flashbackfriday Season 2 of @insatiable is near...but let's be honest...@insatiable 3 is what you never knew you always wanted. Just stay open," she wrote.

Fans shared their excitement and hope that Netflix will renew the series.

"Please let them renew... this was a series I never knew I needed... hilarious, entertaining, gut-wrenching and I'm hungry for more!!!!" a fan wrote, while another said, "After finishing season 2 I definitely want a 3rd season."

One other fan asked for "Insatiable" Season 3 to give the show its closure, given how Season 2 threw viewers for a loop. The Season 2 finale saw Coralee's husband Bob in jail after Regina (Arden Myren), in a sick plot twist, framed him for her murders.

She turned out to be the pageant killer after all but her hatred for Bob pushed her to put the blame on him. Patty Bledel (Debby Ryan), now Miss American Lady, vowed to prove Bob's innocence even if it means she would have to kill Regina herself.

That cliffhanger of an ending definitely deserves a closure, one that showrunner Gussis will bring if Netflix greenlights "Insatiable" Season 3. Talking about her plans for the new season, she teased that the series will continue to explore Patty's story and show both sides to her character.

"What I will say is I feel like it's not cut and dry in so far as that she is a bad person and likes killing and she's irredeemable," she told The Wrap.

Gussis hinted that fans will see more of Patty's rage in "Insatiable" Season 3 because she is far from being healed. If she is healed then that would mean the end of the show.

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