Instagram for Android gets offline mode
Instagram Android version gets offline mode Getty Images

At its annual developers F8 conference on Wednesday, 19 April, Facebook announced that the Android version of the Instagram app now supports offline mode. A similar functionality would be available for the iOS version of the app, but there is no word on the availability.

Even when users have no internet access, they would be able to see content loaded previously in the Instagram feed, Instagram software engineer Hendri explained to TechCrunch . When you have a spotty internet connection or in situations when you have no connection at all, you can still view content offline.

Users can like photos, save media and unfollow people, everything offline, and then when your phone has access to a stable internet connection, Instagram will complete all the activities and reflect the changes.

This feature could help Instagram to expand its user base in developing countries where data is either too expensive or people don't enjoy a stable connection.

The company says 80% of its community is outside of the US, adding "as our platform grows, Instagram must perform across an increasing variety of devices and networks to keep people connected".

In the F8 schedule, Instagram confirmed it has begun testing the offline feature for people staying in low-bandwidth regions, allowing users to engage themselves with content.