Eight-year-old Nina Penwill from Brighton remains missing even after Interpol launched an international child abduction investigation. Nina's father, Christian Penwill, believes that his child has been abducted by his ex-partner, Inesa Ivanova. Even though Nina and Ivanova's names have been flagged by Interpol, the child's whereabouts remain unknown.

Christian and Ivanova had been in a relationship until the summer of 2018. The couple split up and the question of the child's custody was raised. In November 2018, Christian had gone out of his home for the weekend. When he returned home, the distraught father could not find his daughter.

Ivanova had sent Christian an e-mail stating that she had taken Nina with her. Family Court Orders on December 6, 2018 and January 22, 2019 prohibited Ivanova from leaving the country with Nina. However, breaching the court order, the woman left the United Kingdom with Nina on January 24, 2019.

A European Arrest Warrant had been issued by the Interpol for the arrest of a Lithuanian woman suspected to have fled the UK after abducting her own daughter. Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

Sussex Police received the report of Nina and Ivanova leaving the country without Christian's knowledge. After leaving the UK, it is suspected that the mother took Nina to her native country, Lithuania.

Interpol flagged the names of Nina and Ivanova. If the two try to travel via a port or airport using their passports, it will raise an alert. However, there are many European countries that Ivanova could travel to without having to show her passport.

Since she left the UK in January 2019, she has not returned to the country.

Speaking to The Sun, Christian shared the heart-breaking experience of not knowing where his child is. The 43-year-old man claims that Nina has a lot of friends who still await her return. Initially, Christian tried to feel better by thinking that Nina was on a holiday, but the prolonged disappearance of the child has severely impacted the father emotionally.

Both Christian and the Sussex police believe that the child is not at risk under Ivanova's care.