Last month, the prevailing rumour related to Apple was all about the iPhone 12 series. While the company's next annual hardware refresh is still many months away, supply chain sources quickly hinted at something else. What started out as a rumour about the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 as others call it, appears to be already in development. Third-party accessory makers are already advertising protective cases and screen protectors. Now, the latest speculation involves the next-generation iPad Pro, which will allegedly ship with new features as well as new add-ons to boost productivity.

In one report, the new premium Apple tablet will supposedly tout enhanced imaging via a triple-camera set up much like the iPhone 11 Pro lineup. Another tech industry analyst speaks of an upgraded Smart Keyboard with backlit keys and traditional scissor-style switches underneath. Now, a recently filed patent application documents registered with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) reveal an interesting function, according to an article published by Tom's Guide.

What was detailed focused on the optional Apple Pencil stylus, which has been competing with the likes of Microsoft and Samsung. While the latest Surface Pen and Galaxy Note stylus have continued to innovate, the Cupertino-based tech outfit seems to have been left behind. For example, the aforementioned two accessories have convenient charging methods on top of outstanding pressure-level sensitivity.

With the upcoming iPad Pro model, the new Apple Pencil might have a built-in haptic feedback system. The patent document was apparently labelled "touch-based input device with haptic feedback." As illustrated by the images supplied, a section where the user would hold the stylus can be pressed to activate a function in context to the application being used.

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
A man uses the Apple Pencil stylus to sketch on the screen of an iPad Pro Reuters

What comes after is a mechanism that pushes the outward in a subtle manner that alerts the user without shaking the stylus. In theory, this should allow people to continue drawing or writing accurately. The iPhone SE 2 is expected to come out in March, but the new iPad Pro does not have an estimated release date yet. With the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus crisis in China, many market analysts forecast manufacturing and shipping problems down the line.