The iPhone 12 series might still be a long way off, but supply chain insiders insist that a budget version will come out next month. Dubbed the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 by sources, it will be an entry-tier smartphone for those who want to stay with Apple's ecosystem without breaking the bank. It appears that there might be another gadget that will accompany the handset's speculated launch in March. Industry analysts believe it is time for the manufacturer to refresh the iPad Pro lineup for 2020.

Last month, several sources hinted that a new version of Apple's premium tablet was due for a makeover. With iPadOS already proving to be a great upgrade to the older iOS, the manufacturer has an opportunity to invade the detachable 2-in-1 market. Industry experts suggest that the keyboard needs to be reworked to offer more functionality. Unlike Windows-based tablets with keyboards that feature trackpads, the iPad relies on touch input to navigate around the screen.

While Apple is yet to make any formal announcements regarding a revamped iPad Pro, a reliable report claims there is one in development. TNW (The Next Web) identifies the source as DigiTimes, a Taiwanese subscription-based new website. So far, most reports are talking about the affordable iPhone, but only a few hint at a new tablet.

Currently, there is very little information that indicates what possible features will ship with the new device. As with any next-generation flagship from Apple, analysts believe it will feature a new processor. Another enhancement is supposedly a three-camera module which matches that of the iPhone 11 Pro series.

Unlike smartphones, not a lot of users rely on their tablets to take photos. However, with the right set of imaging specifications, that trend could see a shift. Then there are the missing functionalities that leave consumers with no option but to invest in a MacBook instead. Therefore, if Apple can address these flaws, the new iPad Pro will be a serious contender when it comes to productivity for those who want to stay in the company's ecosystem.

Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
The iPad Pro, shown here with the optional Smart Cover keyboard case and Apple Pencil stylus Reuters

Third-party accessory manufacturers are already working on products intended for the iPhone SE 2. Meanwhile, there are no updates yet from insiders regarding the rumoured iPad Pro. It's best that consumer take the information with a pinch of salt for now.