Iran has destroyed as many as 100,000 satellite dishes as part the regime's efforts to save the "morality and culture". Interestingly, the event was even marked as a ceremony as authorities oversaw the destruction.

General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, chief of Iran's Basij militia, closely monitored the destruction process and images of the episode were splashed by the Basij news agency. It was also said all the 100,000 satellite dishes have been donated voluntarily by the Iranians. Large bulldozers were seen ramming through the piles of thousands of dish antennae. Remotes and other television equipment were also seen being crushed.

"The truth is that most satellite channels... deviate the society's morality and culture. What these televisions really achieve is increased divorce, addiction and insecurity in society," Naghdi was cited as sayingwhile he was addressing the event.

"Most of these satellite channels not only weaken the foundation of families but also cause disruptions in children's education and children who are under the influence of satellite have improper behavior."

The theocratic country regularly comes down heavily on satellite channels and imposes hefty fines for violators. Conservatives also heap scorn television channels arguing they are products of the West to destabilise Iran. The country's cleric Mullah Mir Ahmadi said in July 2015 that "Satellite television is more dangerous than an atomic bomb".

The latest demolition of television equipment has come days after Iran's Culture Minister Ali Jannati called for relaxing the legislation which deals with satellite channels.