Iran's new president Hassan Rohani
Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani - Reuters Reuters

Scores of world leaders are to attend moderate cleric Hassan Rohani's presidential inauguration in Iran on 3 August.

Iranian officials have said a number of leaders have confirmed that they will be present at the swearing-in ceremony.

"Presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Guinea Bissau, Togo and Tajikistan have announced that they will take part in Rohani's inauguration ceremony," announced the Iranian parliament's director general for protocol, Mohammad Yasrebi, during a press conference, according to reports.

Iran has invited all countries except the US and Israel to the inauguration.

Rohani won the presidential elections held on 14 July securing more than 50% of the vote.

Kim Yong-nam, North Korea's head of parliament and the senior-most figure in Pyongyang after leader Kim Jong-un, will represent the country.

Iran and North Korea maintain a warm relationship as both countries have been severely criticised for their contentious nuclear programmes.

Reports have speculated that both countries exchange experts and resources for their nuclear programmes. The two countries are reeling under an economic crackdown imposed by the west.

Iran has said that the prime ministers of Syria and Swaziland will also attend the inauguration. Iraq's acting president and Venezuela's vice-president is also expected to be present.

India, which has close economic ties with Iran, has decided to send its foreign minister, Salman Kurshid.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Iran to hold nuclear talks, days after the formal inauguration.

The final list of guests arriving for the ceremony will be released later this week. The long list of invitees, a break from Iran's traditional inauguration, has sent out a clear signal that the country intends to reach out to as many countries as possible in the face of the crippling economic sanctions.