Afghan Taliban arrests Isis commander and 45 others for anti-Islamic activities
Iraqi Isis bans birth control in stronghold to boost population Reuters

Islamic State [Isis] has banned contraceptives and other birth control measures in its stronghold Mosul in northern Iraq to boost the population.

The family planning departments have been shut down by the militants in the region, which the insurgents have declared as an Islamic Caliphate.

Hospitals have been ordered to not distribute contraceptive pills to women, the Iraqi human rights ministry has said in a post on its website.

It was earlier reported that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was back in Mosul flanked by dozens of heavily-armed fighters.

The extremists have stormed hospitals and directed the medical resources towards wounded fighters, who are engaged in the ongoing battle in Iraq and Syria, according to Al Arabiya.

Medicines and equipment are allegedly being transferred to Syria's Raqqa.

Rampant human rights violations are being reported in the vast swathes of territory seized by IS.