British journalist and hostage of the Islamic State [IS] has allegedly written an article in the terror group's online magazine, Dabiq, warning of an "international insurgency" against Western nations.

Cantlie, who has been used by the group to deliver a series of propaganda lectures, writes the article which is titled "If I Were The US President Today" and describes how the US-led airstrike campaign in Iraq and Syria is failing.

"Spurred on by continual American intervention, the sphere of influence of the Islamic State has expanded to such a degree that they can now order attacks on US soil by complete strangers via word alone. An international insurgency," he writes.

"It's the nightmare scenario for the governments, one they've spent trillions trying to avoid but, ironically, fuelled instead with their constant meddling in the affairs of the Muslim world."

It could not be independently confirmed that John Cantlie was the author of the article or if it was written by the terror group.

In other statements made in the article, Cantlie warns of a "deadly tinderbox" of jihadists that are waiting to explode into "violent action at any moment" in the Western world.

"All these attacks were the direct result of the Shaykh's call to action, and they highlight what a deadly tinderbox is fizzing just beneath the surface of every western country, waiting to explode into violent action at any moment given the right conditions."

"If I were the president of the US today..."

He moves on to describe how the influence of IS is not confined to their self-declared "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria but spreading to other areas across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

"And the numbers of Muslims taking up arms in the name of jihād under the banner of the Islamic State are growing, and they're growing fast. According to Western media, the Islamic State now boasts over 35,000 fighters," the article states.

"Its grasp has now spread across northern Africa into Libya and Algeria, across to Yemen and up to the Arabian Peninsula where the Shiites and regimes are now being attacked by mujahidin loyal to the Islamic State."

The article concludes with Cantlie allegedly saying that he is happy not to be the US president because of the new war that the country is being sucked into with the Islamic State.

"If I were the president of the US today – and let it be said, I am very glad I am not – I'd be aghast at the mess that was blowing up in my face," the hostage writes.

"Sucked into a war I claimed was over, making allies with the most vile tyrants in the Middle East, committing my country and presidency into a cauldron of conflict while my own people rise up against me in response to the Islamic State's call, already halfway to the magic one billion dollars spent and the enemy appear to be leapfrogging from strength to strength."

Cantlie was kidnapped in Syria in 2012 and has previously called on the British and American governments to change policy and negotiate for hostages' release.

In an earlier article he purportedly penned for Dabiq in October, he wrote he fears he will be the next hostage to be executed.