Abu Musal al-Britani
Abu Musal al-Britani, an alleged Isis suicide bomber, in a picture circulating by Isis social media accounts. Twitter

A British bomber named as Abu Musa al Britani has been killed in a suicide mission during Isis' offensive to take the Iraqi city of Ramadi, the jihadist group said in a statement.

Isis fighters launched an offensive on several fronts as they fought to seize the Anbar provincial capital, and today (Friday 15 May) took control of the main government building in the city, 68 miles (110 kilometres) west of Baghdad.

The extremist Sunni organisation said that it had carried out several operations on Iraqi army positions east of Ramadi, including one by a British suicide bomber with the Isis nom de guerre Abu Musa al-Britani.

The organisation released a picture of teenager al-Shami standing with an assault rifle in front of an armoured vehicle, and also a picture of al-Britani masked.

During the past 48 hours, the group has launched attacks near Fallujah and taken over the small town of Jubbah, in western Anbar.

Officials said that civilians were fleeing Ramadi.

"Families are trying to flee on foot, leaving their cars and homes behind, but most areas around Ramadi are under Isis control," Sheikh Jabbar Adjadj al-Assafi, a tribal leader, told AFP.

A number of UK suicide bombers have been deployed by Isis in Iraq, including Abu Sumayyah, whose real name was Kabir Ahmed, from Derby, who drove a truck full of explosives into a police convoy in the northern Iraqi city of Baiji in November.