Talha Asmal Dewsbury Isis
Talha Asmal (R) with three other Isis terrorists gestures to the sky before getting in an explosive-packed SUV and embarking on a terror mission in Iraq Twitter

The people of Dewsbury have spoken of their shock after 17-year-old Talha Asmal and three others killed 11 people in a suicide bombing near an oil refinery in Iraq.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5, Dewsbury councillor Masood Ahmed, said: "Communities are devastated and shocked to hear the news," adding that there were "no signs, no symptoms" he had been groomed online by Islamic State (Isis) extremists.

"He was no different from any other teenager in terms of being loving, caring, naive, innocent. He loved sport, he was doing OK in school," Ahmed said.

Asmal fled to Syria after travelling to Turkey with his best friend Hassan Munshi, also 17, on 31 March. They were last seen by their families on the day they are believed to have flown from Manchester to Dalaman. He is believed to have told his family he was going away on a college trip, but they became concerned when they could not contact him and police were called.

Asmal and three other men thought to be from Germany, Palestine, and Kuwait, are seen receiving instructions from an Isis commander with a laptop on a social media video. Asmal is holding what appears to be an AK47.

The men are then shown posing alongside their vehicles, each pointing with one finger to the sky. They then get in the black SUVs which are packed with explosives and drive off on their deadly mission in which 11 people died.

Lorraine Barker, executive principal of Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form, where Asmal was a studying ICT and business, told the Times he was "very quiet and private" and staff and students were in "complete shock".

In a statement issued on Sunday, his family said he was a "loving, kind, caring and affable teenager".

"He never harboured any ill will against anybody nor did he ever exhibit any violent, extreme or radical views of any kind," they said.

"Talha's tender years and naivety were, it seems... exploited by persons unknown who, hiding behind the anonymity of the world wide web, targeted and befriended Talha and engaged in a process of deliberate and calculated grooming of him.

"Whilst there it appears that Talha fell under the spell of individuals who continued to prey on his innocence and vulnerability to the point where, if the press reports are accurate, he was ordered to his death by so-called Isis [also known as IS] handlers and leaders too cowardly to do their own dirty work. We are all naturally utterly devastated and heartbroken."

They added: "As a family we would like to take this opportunity to unequivocally state that 'ISIS' are not Islam. They do not represent in any way, shape or form Islam and Muslims and we are no longer prepared to allow a barbaric group like 'ISIS' to hijack our faith."

Former Labour MP for Dewsbury Shahid Malik said: "Talha was a truly sweet natured, helpful, respectful and friendly kid. It is incredibly difficult to reconcile this Talha with the suicide bomber at an Iraqi oil installation.

"It is disturbing to see how relaxed he looks in the ISIS photographs allegedly taken just prior to his suicide mission. He looks at peace. It's like he's ready to go and meet his maker. This is a clear indication of just how successful the evil ISIS groomers have been in poisoning and brainwashing Talha and kids like him."

Dewsbury has a history of struggling with extremism. Mohammad Sidique Khan, the 7/7 ringleader, orchestrated the attack from his home in the town.