Afghan Taliban arrests Isis commander and 45 others for anti-Islamic activities
A fighter of the Islamic State waves an Isis flag. Reuters

Terror group Isis (Islamic State) has released 93 Syrian Kurds who were captured by the militants last February.

Around 100 people were abducted while they were travelling from northern Syria to Iraq, a group monitoring the ongoing conflict in the two countries told Reuters.

Thousands of Syrian Kurds have fled Syria, as the militants seized large swathes of the country and intensified its control on the occupied areas.

IS militants kidnapped the group, accusing them of belonging to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), an opponent to the IS insurgence, which has claimed thousands of lives since last June.

Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights could not confirm where the people were released.

IS said the remaining captives will not be released. They have been accused of theft and can expect their right hand to be cut off as punishment, added the militants.

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