Britain's least popular Muslim Anjem Choudary has revealed he hopes to leave the country for good to live in the so-called 'Islamic State' of Isis.

Radical preacher Choudary – who has hailed the killers of soldier Lee Rigby and Brit hostage Alan Henning – is keen to renounce his UK citizenship and live in territory carved out by the rampaging terror group in Iraq and Syria.

But the 47-year-old trained lawyer has a problem: he is stuck in Britain because the Home Office confiscated his passport and now will not hand it back.

Choudary has declared he has no wish to break any law by travelling illegally, which means he must remain in a country he regards as infidel.

Choudary told IBTimes UK: "I've felt for a long time it would be good to leave this country because the government has been very nasty to Muslims by making it as difficult as possible for us to engage in Islamic activities.

"If the Home Office give me back my passport, I could start making plans straight away because I would love to bring up my children under Shariah Law. I could do a farewell press conference at Heathrow Airport.

"The only thing is that I do not think I should have to give up my passport to do this."

A Home Office spokesman said: "We do not discuss individual cases."

With IS forces fighting across swathes of Iraq and Syria, many towns and cities have been turned in to dangerous war zones. But Choudary would be ready to sacrifice the relative safety and security of life in Britain, in order to live in a religious state.

He claimed he is unconcerned about safety issues. "Some areas are warzones but there are large swathes of land in which people are very happy. I think in many respects I would have more freedom in the Islamic State than I do here."

"There's a large amount of territory which IS has been holding for a couple of years. The implementation of the Sharia is a growing phenomenon and I could go to other places if IS lost territory in Syria and Iraq."

Choudary has led a number of radical groups in Britain which the Home Office banned for preaching hatred and extremism. He also acted as a mentor for Michael Adebolajo, who was jailed for life for killing soldier Lee Rigby in Greenwich, last year.