Hillary Clinton – the front-runner in the Democrat's campaign to pick a presidential candidate - has said she is the only candidate with a plan to defeat Islamic State (Isis).

Speaking at a campaign event in St Louis, Missouri, Clinton said, "I will work to implement the strategy that I've laid out to defeat Isis and the terrorist networks that threaten our world and our country. I'm the only candidate who has put forth a specific agenda about how we're going to fight and win in the air, on the ground at in cyberspace."

Clinton also spoke on gun control at the rally, following the San Bernardino shooting on 2 December. "I will fight against the gun lobby to try to get a common sense gun safety measures. And I'll tell you what. One of the most important things we do right now is to get the Republicans to pass a law prohibiting people who are on the no-fly list from buying a gun in our country," she said.

Clinton is looking to secure an early nomination in the race, but is facing growing pressure from main rival Bernie Sanders. A poll from 4 December said she had support from 56% of her party. That is a 24% lead over Sanders.