ISIS captives
Burned alive: Iraqi Shiite fighters were hung from metal frame and set alight

Islamic State (ISIS) has released sickening video footage showing four Iraqi Shiite fighters chained and burned alive in the latest atrocity committed by the jihadist terrorist organisation.

The execution of the four men follows footage released last week by Shiite fighters purporting to show a captured IS militant burned to death and mutilated by a rebel fighter nick-named Abu Azrael ("Father of the Angel of Death").

The four men were made to watch the video before being burned alive in the footage that was uploaded to social media sites. The victims were identified as fighters in the pro-government Popular Mobilisation forces from southern Iraq. They were suspended from a metal frame by chains attached to their hands and feet, then set on fire by the jihadists.

A masked member of IS stated in the video that did not include a recorded date or location: "Now retribution has come, for today, we will attack them as they attacked us, and punish them as they punished us." However, a tag included in the footage suggested that it had been shot in Iraq's highly-contested Anbar province.

The video is just the latest of a slew of filmed atrocities carried out by IS. Previous footage has included footage of beheadings, shootings, drownings and burning of victims. In February a Jordanian pilot was burned to death by ISIS militants. Moaz Al-Kasabeh was caged before the militants doused him in petrol and set him alight attracting worldwide condemnation.

Jihadis fighting for IS have executed more than 3,000 people over the past year, including 86 women and 74 children, according to a report released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Of the 3,027 people killed, 1,787 were civilians. ISIS had also executed 143 of its own members for "crimes" including spying for rival groups and attempting to leave the movement.