ISIS fighter in Mosul
An Islamic State fighter is pictured in Mosul shortly after the city was captured from Iraqi troops last summer Reuters

An Islamic State recruit has reportedly created a LinkedIn profile describing himself as an "education management professional" based in the Syrian city of Raqqa. Muhammad Daniel from New Zealand claims he teaches English to children aged between five and 12.

"Living in the heart of the Islamic State [Isis] is a good experience and I encourage others to come and see for themselves," Daniel apparently wrote on his LinkedIn profile, according to "There's no danger here and a great place to bring up the family. Except Western Jet fighters that always drop bombs on Civilians!" the 43-year-old is said to have written.

His LinkedIn profile suggests Daniel, formerly known as Mark John Taylor, started teaching in Raqqa in 2014. "Teaching with a puppet and enjoyed having fun with the students," he is reported to have written.

"I take proud (sic) in been (sic) a professional in doing my best in the education industry. I always strive to improve and offer my best advice to those who need it," Daniel wrote. "I'm loyal, discipline, hardworking and have a large range of skillsets!" his profile says.

In July 2014, Daniel landed in Syria even though he was watched by intelligence agencies. Later that year, he made an appeal on social media that he be issued a new passport as he had burned his old one. He initially said he would leave Syria in October 2014 but later said he would stay on in the country until he had achieved "martyrdom".

"I only went there for adventure Jihad, but along the way I realised Syria is in a very dire need of humanity aid and support," he had said.

Daniel has been called a "buffoon" by security experts after he accidently revealed the location of IS (Daesh) fighters by not turning off the location service on his Twitter account when he tweeted.

Security expert Paul Buchanan, director of 36th Parallel Assessments, said: "If it indeed is Taylor, it shows you how dumb he is, because he will not get much recruiting value, if this is a front, and he thinks he's using code words. He is putting this out there as a legitimising device, and trying to make himself benign to ward off the attention of the GCSB and the SIS. But either way, it's a clumsy ploy." Daniel's LinkedIn page has subsequently been removed.