isis jihadi talks to crowd
A bearded militant tells the crowd that the man is charged with homosexuality in the Isis stronghold of Mosul, Iraq Isis propaganda image

Islamic State (Isis) jihadists have executed a gay man by throwing him off a building in front of a crowd. The execution was alleged to have been carried out by the al-Hisbah religious police in Iraq.

The video shows a bearded IS (Daesh) militant preaching to a crowd of men and children in the IS-stronghold of Mosul. The camera then turns to the top of a four-storey building when the man is thrown from the edge of the roof.

The extremists have executed others accused of "corruption of thought" and "homosexual acts" in the same way. The executions are thought to be performed by al-Hisbah judges, inflicting what they class as "Sharia law", after men are alleged to have practised "liwat" or homosexual sex.

Several men are then filmed running towards the man as he lay dying on the floor before the executioner warns those watching not to take part in homosexual acts, which he says are "forbidden in the caliphate".

In July 2015, the terrorists executed another young Iraqi man by throwing him from the top of a building after he was accused of homosexuality. The execution was said to have taken place in the nearby IS stronghold of Kirkuk.

And in January of this year, IS threw a teenage boy off a roof after they accused him of being gay. Reports suggested that the boy was raped by a senior IS commander, who was demoted as a consequence.