Islamic State (Isis) supporters took to social media to celebrate the recent attacks in Berlin and Ankara that took place on 19 December.

The attack in Germany saw a truck ram into people at a crowded Christmas market, claiming the lives of 12, while injuring 48 others. Authorities in Berlin classified the incident as a "presumed terrorist attack". The attack at an art exhibit in Ankara saw Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov being assassinated by a suspect identified as a riot police officer.

As details are emerging, IS (Daesh) supporters have praised the attackers on social media and Telegram. Some supporters reportedly linked the Berlin attack to the Russian ambassador's assassination, deeming it "a day of good tidings".

According to a report by Vocativ, one supporter – alluding to the attacks and IS' ongoing battle against the Iraqi forces in Mosul – warned that "2017 will be a year of massacre".

Several supporters also linked the Berlin attack to the recent defeat of the Syrian rebels in Aleppo, threatening that "Muslim countries will not be the only ones that are sad".

Some supporters also praised the Berlin incident and claimed that the attacker would "find a place in heaven", while others said that "the calls to target Christians bears fruit with the praise of God".

Since the attacks, social media platforms have been flooded with messages from people across the globe with trending "#AnkaraShooting" and "#PrayforBerlin" hashtags.