Aden Yemen bomb
The port city of Aden, Yemen, has been targeted by a series of bombings in recent months. Reuters

At least 45 army recruits have been killed in a twin suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State (Isis) that rocked Yemen's southern city of Aden. The attack targeted men wanting to enlist lining up outside an army office and a general's house turned into a recruiting centre in the Khor Maksar district of the port city.

Aden is home the Saudi-backed administration that, in the ongoing civil conflict, is pitted against Shiite rebels supported by Iran that control the capital, Sana. Officials said firstly a suicide car bomb exploded outside a recruiting centre killing about 20 people.

Then a second bomber on foot detonated a suicide vest near men queuing outside the general's home, killing 25. At least 60 more people were wounded in the attacks, that were claimed by IS (Daesh) in an online statement.

Images form the scene posted on social media showed a charred vehicle and numerous bodies, some wearing military gear, scattered across an unpaved street. IS and al-Qaeda have a strong presence in the country that has been engulfed in war since last year.

Both groups have exploited the chaos caused by the conflict to pursue their Islamist agenda. Aden, which was re-captured by Saudi-backed forces from the rebels in July 2015, has been particularly hit hard, with IS claiming responsibility string of deadly attacks in the city in recent months.