Dr Muhammad Salah gives out strange advice on Huda TV
Dr Muhammad Salah gives out strange advice on Huda TV (YouTube) YouTube

Allah says you can kill scorpions, rats, and wild dogs - but do not harm honeybees or ants.

So says the teaching of Dr Muhammad Salah, an Islamic scholar and agony aunt on the Muslim satellite television channel Huda TV, who was asked if it was "permissible to kill insects which spoil your food".

Clips of his bizarre advice have appeared on YouTube.

Dr Salah, who has set up Islamic schools in the United States, also dishes out help to a concerned father whose son has been hearing voices at night.

"I want you to check in your son's room. Are there any pictures or photos in frames hanging everywhere?" asks Salah.

"This is an open goal for satans to come in. That's a no-entrance sign for the angels," Salah says.

Dogs also cause problems for Allah and his angels.

A pet dog, or even just a picture of man's best friend, "is a no entry sign [for angels]".

Music is a no go, too.

"If [in] the house sometimes people listen to the songs with music, and watch those awful channels, video clips, and people singing with music and women and all of that - this is also a no-entrance sign for the angels.

"[It is] an open invitation for satan," he says.

As well as giving Islamic advice on dogs, insects, music and sleepy children, Salah gives guidance on shaking the hands of elderly women.

"The prophet... said it is better and lighter to be beaten up with a needle or an iron rod in your head than touching the hands, or the body, or the flesh of a woman who's not [your relative]," Salah says.

So you can only shake your nan's hand, then.