After filling dance floors with their funk-inspired electro hits for two decades, Groove Armada have revealed they are taking a new direction with their next album.

The I See You Baby DJs, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay, performed at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2015 on 12 June marking their fourth time at the music bonanza.

IBTimes UK caught up with the pair backstage at Seaclose Park, Newport, to discuss what fans can expect from their eighth studio album which is set to drop in July, five years after their last LP, White Light, was released.

Findlay explained: "It's reflective in where we are now in that the live band has finished so we've stopped that.

"House music is where we're at now and it's [on] a small label, we didn't want to do the major label thing."

Cato warned their long-time fans not to expect a similar sound to the era of their debut single which was released in 1995, adding: "If people want to hear Out The River again they're in the wrong place because there's a whole new generation who are into it and feeding it so that's why we keep doing what we're doing."

In addition to the new sound, it will be the first time the pair have released an album without their band, certifying the next chapter of their music career.

Revealing how nervous they feel performing without the comfort of their long-serving band, Findlay said: "Probably more so when we're gigging with a band because there's a lot more stuff that can go wrong with a band so now it's either his fault or [mine].

"It's a bit easier now and we trust each other. We're confident in what we do. It's that first moment when we step on stage and you take in the audience and the vibe."

Groove Armada were just one of many acts gracing the stage on Friday with The Prodigy and The Black Keys among performers.