The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made two tough talking TV appearances, saying that Iran is just months away from making a nuclear bomb and urged the US to draw a "red line before it is too late." He then controversially added that beyond a certain point, Israel would attack Iran - even without US support.

Netanyahu then criticised American policy, which has taken a more watch-and-wait approach using sanctions and diplomatic options

The two interviews prompted a stinging response from Tehran with Gen Mohammed-Ali Jafari declaring that nothing would remain of Israel if it chose to attack Tehran. It is believed that the inflammatory comments from the Israeli PM has disturbed the Obama camp and exposed a deep U.S.-Israeli divide, which is, in turn, stepping up pressure on the U.S. leader, forcing Obama to make a stand against Mitt Romey, who has accused Obama of dithering over the Iran threat and all in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter.