Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered all his cabinet ministers to attend a reception for US President Donald Trump, after it was feared they would not attend.

Trump is due to land at Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday (22 May), but 24 hours before the visit, Netanyahu learned that a majority of ministers had planned to snub the event.

It came after plans were changed repeatedly and had not taken the ministers into perspective, making them feel unwelcomed, it is claimed.

When Netanyahu learned of the plans, he was reportedly "furious" at his cabinet and sent out instructions during a Sunday meeting that they must attend.

The account of the tense showdown came from a senior official, who was quoted in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Israel is the second country on Trump's first foreign trip, which he will travel to after his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Originally, the airport reception for Trump was supposed to be a long ceremony which included speeches and handshakes with all cabinet ministers.

However, at the request of the White House, plans were cut short and were instructed to be as short as possible due to the warm weather.

Once the plans were changed, cabinet ministers were reportedly disinvited from the reception. However, the plans are said to have changed again on Saturday evening and ministers were invited, but were told they must arrive more than two hours in advance for security checks.

It was after this that most ministers are said to have indicated they would not attend.

Trump's visit to Israel comes after allegations that he shared classified Israeli intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Following Trump's landing in Israel, he will proceed to the President's Residence in Jerusalem before meeting Netanyahu at the King David Hotel. The pair are then set to dine together, alongside their respective wives, at the Prime Minister's residence.

On Tuesday, Trump is set to visit Yad Vashem – Israel's Holocaust museum and memorial – and will give a speech there at 2pm. He will then depart for Europe at 4pm.