An Italian mother has been arrested for allegedly using her children as accomplices in an armed robbery that was caught on security camera.

Carabinieri police released CCTV footage showing the woman entering a post office in Melito on the outskirts of Naples, with three minors, including two of her children.

The group reaches a counter where the woman seemingly carries out a normal transaction before they all move to leave.

However, instead of heading to the main entrance, they walk up to a fire exit where three masked men are waiting outside.

The woman's youngest son, 10, is seen opening the door to the trio of gunmen who storm inside and proceed to rob the post office of €2,000 (£1,490).

The heist took place in December 2012. Police said they were able to identify the woman, who has not been named to protect her children's identity, thanks to the video.

She was held and remanded to house arrest pending trial this morning (9 February). Detectives have yet to identify the three gunmen.

Naples' province has an ill-reputation for high levels of street crime, with more than 4,400 robberies - 12 a day - reported in the area in 2014.