Twitter is furiously mocking Trump using the viral hashtag #SignsYoureABadPresident in the wake of reports that the first charges in Mueller's Russia probe have been approved. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

US President Donald Trump is once again being mercilessly trolled on Twitter with people poking fun at Trump's various shortcomings, controversies and scandals so far using the viral hashtag #SignsYoureABadPresident.

The trend comes after a federal grand jury in Washington DC reportedly approved the first charges in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, possible collusion between Trump's campaign team and the Kremlin as well as obstruction of justice by the president.

The charges are sealed under a federal judge's order, CNN reported on Friday (27 October). Sources said those charged could be taken into custody as early as Monday. It is still unclear what those charges are, CNN noted. Mueller was appointed as special counsel in May shortly after Trump fired then-FBI James Comey.

Meanwhile, Twitter have proceeded to mock Trump in light of recent developments in the investigation with a slew of jokes, comments and memes using the viral hashtag #SignsYoureABadPresident, listing Trump's litany of controversies and scandals since taking office in January.

"You think kneeling during the national anthem in protest of oppression is unpatriotic, but that crapping on the Constitution is perfectly acceptable #SignsYoureABadPresident," one Twitter user wrote. Another added: "Your associates are being indicted by the special counsel 9 months into your first term."

"No matter what the issue, no matter what the topic of conversation, you always make it about you," a user said. A second chimed: "Your staff has more turnover than a McDonalds franchise."

"When the entire world is struggling to decide who's more insane, Kim Jong-un or you #SignsYoureABadPresident".