isil flag
The flag used by ISIL terrorists Wikimedia

A video has surfaced showing the capture of a child soldier working for the Islamic State. The pre-teen boy was caught by anti-Assad rebels after Isis orchestrated a surprise attack on the village of al-Khuwain, near Idlib.

According to the Northern Stork Twitter account, Free Syrian Army (FSA) troops were able to overtake the group of jihadists including the boy. The footage shows the child lying on the ground with his hands tied behind his back.

Riam Dalati, a foreign news producer for BBC posted a translation of the conversation between the hostage and a rebel soldier behind the camera.

"I've been with Islamic State for two years. I fought in Raqqa," the boy reportedly said.

"Are you going to shoot me?" he added, looking calm and collected while a soldier stands above him with a gun.

"Shoot him," a man could be heard saying in response before the clip ends.

People on Twitter have commented on Dalati's translation, claiming it was incorrect and that the boy was asking not to be shot. "He says, "qaadin only qaadin" about his time in Raqqa, meaning he didn't have any combat activity," Wassim Nasr, a journalist with France24 wrote.

"Learn arabic before spreading lies, he's saing not to shoot him. One rifle can be heard being cocked and loaded (to make the boy fear and speak)," another person posted. "He sais [sic] don't shoot him, and that no one will shoot him."

There was no confirmation as to whether the boy was killed but another video shows him sitting in a truck with other Isis prisoners. It is not clear if the second video was taken before or after the one of him lying on the ground.