A violent thug who beat his lover's husband to death in a brutal attack called her up and said: "I've killed your husband."

Ralph Goldie, 40, hurled Jeremy ­Paradine down the stairs before stamping on him, leading to head injuries from which the victim never recovered.

Goldie was handed a life sentence at Glasgow High Court, and will have to serve a minimum of 14 years in jail.

Judge Lord Arthurson said the evidence presented to the court during the trial had been "disturbing".

Jeremy ­Paradine, 45, still lived with Maryanne Paradine, while she maintained a relationship with Goldie. ­Paradine allowed his wife and her lover to stay with him in Cambuslang, a town to the south-east of Glasgow, after she had become homeless.

The two men had been at the flat of a mutual friend, Martin McQueenie, in Cambuslang on the day of the murder in January.

McQueenie told the court he heard a noise "like rumbling going down the stairs".

He said he rushed out to find Jeremy ­Paradine lying at the bottom of the stairs and Goldie standing near the top of the flight.

McQueenie told jurors Goldie said: "Just f****** leave him."

McQueenie was then attacked by Goldie and ended up lying beside the murder victim.

Maryanne ­Paradine said Goldie had called her to say: "'I've killed your husband.'"

Goldie, who has previous convictions for violence, was sentenced today (1 December) after being found guilty at a trial in September.

A victim impact statement by Jeremy's mother was read to the court in which she said her son's life had been ­"needlessly cut short" by "senseless violence".

She added: "A parent never expects to outlive their child."