The first trailer has been released for Jackie Chan's new film, Chinese Zodiac.

The kung fu action star recently revealed at Cannes that he would be retiring from action cinema, capping a career of more than 100 films.

Chan, 58, said that Chinese Zodiac, which will be known in Asia as Armour of God 3, will be his last action film as he is "tired".

The trailer suggests he plans to go out with a bang, with footage showing typically inventive stunt work and choreography, as Chan plays a thief searching for the 12 ancient bronze heads of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Chan did not take it easy on his last action outing, parachuting on to trucks, leaping from balconies and, at one point, appearing to race around in a jet-powered luge.

Chinese Zodiac will be released on 20 December.