Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg
Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg have signed on for Future World Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

James Franco's sci-fi film project Future World has just added a number of famous names to its cast. Variety reported that the drama has now roped in Lucy Liu, Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Suki Waterhouse.

Deadline had previously revealed that Milla Jovovich would be playing a drug lord in the film, which will be set in a post-apocalyptic world that is plagued with heat, ravaged by disease and crippled by chronic war.

Apart from co-directing the film, Franco is set to act in the movie alongside Bruce Cheung. Cheung and Jay Davis worked on the screenplay, which is based on an original story by Franco about "a young prince from the Oasis (one of the last known safe havens) and a robot named Ash go on a daring journey of self-discovery through the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands".

Spread actress Margarita Levieva and Jeffrey Wahlberg, who acted in TV movie Instant Gratification, have also been added to the cast.

Ambi Group, owned by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, is financing the film in association with the Fyzz Facility and Black Sparrow, and producing with Dark Rabbit Productions. "Future World is a mesmerizing story with the kind of boundary-pushing creativity unique to James," Iervolino said. "When you have the combined talents and gravitas of Milla, Lucy, Method Man, Suki, Snoop, and James interwoven through a wild story — what unfolds on screen is unreal."