Jane The Virgin season 4
Jane and Rafael in The CW series Jane The Virgin The CW

Actor Justin Baldoni, who plays Rafael Solano on The CW's Jane The Virgin, has opened up about filming for shirtless scenes and teased what next for his character on the show, especially with the return of Jane's first love Adam.

In the season 4 episodes, fans have seen that Rafael, after losing control of his hotel Marbella, has moved in with Jane (played by Gina Rodriguez)and their son, Mateo. Speaking to US Weekly, Baldoni revealed if living with Jane will impact their relationship.

He explained, "Rafael and he can be very tone deaf and say hurtful things. He's never had to deal with the consequences. Jane provides a lot of insight. When people have these different outlooks on life, you get this interesting spark and see both of them learn about each other."

The actor also previewed a tough road ahead for his character ahead after losing his money. "He's always had money and with money comes power. It's tough. He'll have to realize there's more than that. It's all he knows and he really defines himself through money, so he'll be trying to get back that part of him."

Revealing how Rafael will react to Jane's first love Adam returning back in her life, he teased, "It's interesting — but fun! This is a real thing families deal with this all the time, new people coming in. I love the way our show delicately and educationally the subject."

The 33-year-old CW star also opened up about the struggles of filming for shirtless scene. "I cringe when there's a shirtless scene because I never feel I am in good enough shape. I struggle with the difference between how Justin looks and how Rafael is supposed to look."

"To me, I'll always be the skinny kid with the narrow shoulders. I think it's cool to talk about because a lot of men don't," the American actor added.