Dutch artist Jeroen Bisscheroux has created a three-dimensional optical illusion in a shopping centre in Osaka as a reminder of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in 2011, and the subsequent nuclear meltdown.

Jeroen Bisscheroux

Pool, Loss of Colour is a carpet that looks like a derelict swimming pool. There is little water, and the walls of the swimming pool are a bright green, almost poisonous-looking colour.

Bisscheroux says his trompe l'oeil is a reminder of the suppression pool at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. He says carpets are normally soft and inviting, and swimming pools are fun, but this one is toxic; this contrast brings the tragedy home, giving the disasters a more human scale.

The artist hopes his work will remind people of the devastation caused by the tsunami and earthquake, as he feels people are in danger of forgetting, both in Japan and the west.

You can see more of his work at www.bisscheroux.eu