Japan has announced a $3.5m (£2.2m) emergency aid to help Rohingya migrants who have left Myanmar and were left adrift at sea.

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said in a speech at a one-day seminar at the United Nations University in Tokyo that the aid will be extended through the International Organisation for Migration and the the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The money will go towards providing food and shelter as well as to fund data analysis of their maritime movements, the foreign ministry said.

Kishida said Japan remained committed to helping national reconcialiation efforts on various fronts in Asia, including between Myanmar's government and "ethnic minority groups."

Kyodo news agency reported that this is Japan's first financial assistance in connection to the humanitarian crisis involving Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, who have been fleeing discrimination and persecution at home.

Noting the importance of upholding democracy, freedom, human rights and diversity, the minister said: "We must prevent the spread of extremist views in Asia that groups like ISIL (Isis) seek to promulgate."