A new manufacturing trend that's sweeping across industries is finding new ways to make products sustainable. Now, JBL is working on a pair of wireless headphones that can recharge from most forms of light granting it virtually unlimited battery life. The Reflect Eternal are up on IndieGoGo and interested consumers can pre-order it for $99. It is slated to ship out around October 2020. So far, the crowd-funding page looks great with the project already meeting its goal.

Reducing pollution seems to be catching on these days. The sports apparel industry is currently exploring new processes that turn various plastic wastes into fully recyclable fibres for different applications. Then there are others that are using plant-based materials for crafting completely biodegradable items. The automotive industry is likewise shifting form combustion engines to all-electric configurations.

Overall it is evidently great to learn about consumer electronics companies that are interested in the cause. A few months ago, Sony, Microsoft, and several other video game studios formed a partnership with the government to come up with new ways to promote environmental awareness. The JBL Reflect Eternal is a big step forward for audio products to become even more sustainable.

The secret behind its reported versatility comes from the Exeger Powerfoyle technology integrated into the headband, reports The Verge. Unlike regular solar cells, this special material can efficiently draw power from both natural and artificial light.

However, it looks like direct sunlight works best and allows it to charge much faster. On the other hand, being able to continue charging even when indoors is an added bonus that will delight eco-minded consumers.

According to the product page, a full charge is enough for a whole day of playback. Apparently, it just needs around 2.5 hours of exposure to light at about 50,000 lux brightness (direct sunlight) for practically endless operation.

The JBL Reflect Eternal supports multi-point connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Ambient Aware and TalkThru technology allow users to hear background noise for safety, while the latter automatically adjusts the volume when making or receiving calls. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of power available and the tech industry can develop new ways to take advantage of it.

JBL Reflect Eternal Sustainable Headphones
JBL is introducing a new pair of headphones that can recharge using sunlight and artificial lighting. Photo: JBL