It's something only Rachel Green would do; Friends actress Jennifer Aniston shocked Brit viewers by discussing sex toys on Monday night's (21 November) The One Show.

Aniston, 47, invited an air of awkwardness into a televised interview on the live BBC pre-watershed programme by letting slip the mention of "sex toys" in front of an audience of children.

Promoting her new movie Office Christmas Party on the famous red sofa, Aniston left viewers surprised when she suffered the awkward gaffe. Sat alongside the film's directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, the film's three stars shared the studio with disabled youngsters to celebrate the success of Children in Need.

Presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones asked about Aniston's new character, which lead to a discussion comparing Aniston's new movie role as Carol to her Horrible Bosses and Friends personas. Gordon claimed she was "a little bit of both" before the star made the joke.

She quipped her role was basically the same, only "just without the sex toys." Jones laughed before co-presenter Baker moved things along by saying: "There we are, is that a fare assessment?"

Aniston added: "Yeah, that is a good takeaway."

The comment sparked a mixed reaction on social media, with one Twitter user claiming: "Jennifer Aniston just said 'sex toys' on the One Show. My day is made," as another wrote: "JenA kicking it out with 'sex toys' comment #oneshow cue: producer sending electrical shock to presenters earpiece".

A third added: "Jennifer Aniston just mentioned "sex toys" infront of disabled children on the #bbc #oneshow #ChildrenInNeed heavy awkward!"

The conversation thereafter vied to redeem the mishap, with Speck adding: "We had amazing actors. We improvised a lot on set and some of the funniest things were Jen throwing in jokes and some of their own experiences."

Office Christmas Party is in cinemas from 7 December.

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