Celebrations are in order for Jennifer Lopez who turns 47 on 24 July. Lopez is a rare diamond in the pop industry with her ability to reinvent her career with each decade, while maintaining that famous J.Lo sass and charm. The younger generation may be more familiar with Lopez as an American Idol judge, but those raised in the 1990s and early noughties will remember the string of hits Lopez was responsible for.

Widely regarded as the original triple threat, J.Lo can do it all from acting to singing and dancing. At the peak of her career, Lopez was a commercial hit with radio-friendly gems like Love Don't Cost A Thing and If You Had My Love, while holding her own on tracks with rappers such as Ja Rule, Fat Joe, LL Cool J and Nas.

When social media wasn't 'a thing', J.Lo spoke through her music. At one time, some felt Lopez was consumed by her intense level of fame, so she hit back at the haters with Jenny From The Block, an ode to her hometown of The Bronx. Perhaps alluding to her highly-publicised romance with Ben Affleck, the singer spoke passionately of her partner on I'm Glad in 2003, not long after they got engaged.

Along with the catchy beats, a large part of J.Lo's appeal musically was in the lyrics – most could relate to the singer's music on some level.

Whether singing about ditching a good-for-nothing boyfriend on All I Have or wanting to hit the club on On The Floor, Lopez's music offers something for everyone. With her extensive catalogue of songs, it is no surprise the Shades Of Blue actress was offered a Las Vegas residency in 2015, initially worth an estimated $26.8m.

Revealing her secret to juggling acting with music, Lopez told HitFix.com: "When I do go back to acting and performing, it's always like, 'Did I forget how to do this?' I've always kind of juggled between music and movies and all the other things I do, the other businesses I'm involved with… but it is a natural thing for me. It's just like getting back on a bike."

As J.Lo celebrates her 47th birthday, IBTimes UK ranks her biggest singles to date.

10. Get Right

9. I'm Gonna Be Alright

8. Ain't It Funny

7. Waiting For Tonight

6. On The Floor

5. All I Have

4. I'm Real

3. Jenny From The Block

2. If You Had My Love

1. Love Don't Cost A Thing